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Out of the 7 hours I’m at work I’m walking/being active for around 5 hours of it. Although I have little to no energy, I still convince myself that I don’t need breakfast and should only have the two things I always do for lunch. Obviously it’s easy to get away with it because I’m not under the eyes of my dad, so I’m loosing weight quicker now. I don’t know why weight loss is paramount to me, the lengths I go to really physically drains me but I keep going.

Need to go to the bank before work tomorrow..fun..😣

Exhausted isn’t even the word

It really annoys me when two people break up from a ‘relationship’, and after they’ve parted, the person who did the breaking up tries to make the other person feel jealous and worthless. It’s disgusting, have some fucking respect for yourself and stop moving on from one person to the next.

Really hate the 9-5 shift arghhh

I’m always so confused when I wake up and I don’t know why

"I gave so much to someone who never appreciated it.”
— 10 word story (via psych-facts)